We challenge inequality by focusing on four priorities: housing justice, future of finance, policing & abolition, and climate justice. In response to these key themes, we are seeing tremendous and inspiring activism. We are committed to leveraging the university’s intellectual assets and activities in alliance with social movements and community-based organizations. Through these partnerships we aim for our research to shape and support racial, social, and economic justice.

If we do not create a community and a world where equal opportunity, justice, and an active regard for the environment is the rule, then no act of technological genius will matter because the likelihood is that some of us, or most of us, will be denied the enjoyment of the wonderments of this planet and the gifts of science.

-Meyer Luskin

The UCLA Luskin Institute on Inequality and Democracy, its genesis, and its future, reflect the vision, dedication, and hard work of many people. A generous gift by Meyer and Renee Luskin made the first idea for the Institute possible. But we also reply on grants and philanthropic gifts to ensure the sustainability of many of our projects and programs. We invite you to join us.