2020 Women’s Needs Assessment: A Message of Love by the Women of Skid Row

Wendy Miranda Arevalo (Urban Planning) in partnership with Los Angeles Community Action Network

The purpose of the 2020 Women’s Needs Assessment was to capture the experiences and issues of women living in Skid Row. Approximately 300 surveys were collected, and 25 women were interviewed. The majority of the women we surveyed are Black (56.6%), older than 55 years (67%), and unemployed (80%). Four key areas were highlighted in this report: the feminization of poverty, housing, health and wellness, and violence against women. Some of the key findings include: 86% have been houseless at some point in their lives, 49% did not feel safe in shelters, 46% stated that restrooms/showers are difficult to access in Skid Row, and 55% experienced sexual assault, state, or interpersonal violence. Recommendations were based on findings and covered four main areas: housing, violence against women, health/public health, and community resources. The report was a community-collaborative effort and a webinar will be hosted to discuss these recommendations and lift up community voices to city council committees.