Acutely aware of the dispossession and displacement wrought by structures of global racial capitalism, our research and scholarship insists upon housing justice. Thinking from Los Angeles, as well as other key global nodes of struggle, we expose the modes of capitalist ownership and state-owned violence that produce housing insecurity. Taking our cue from movements led by those excluded from regimes of property ownership – rent-indebted tenants, shack-dwellers, the unhoused – we seek to enact a radical rethinking of housing from financialized commodity to reparative public good.


Property, Personhood, and Police: The Making of Race and Space through Nuisance Law

by Terra Graziani, Joel Montano, Ananya Roy, Pamela Stephens via Antipode

Storymap: Making Nuisance Neighborhoods

by UCLA Luskin Institute on Inequality and Democracy and Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

Who Profits from Crisis? Housing Grabs in Times of Recovery

by Ananya Roy, Terra Graziani; Joel Montano, and Pamela Stephens via UCLA Luskin Institute on Inequality and Democracy

UD Day: Impending Evictions and Homelessness in Los Angeles

by Gary Blasi via UCLA Luskin Institute on Inequality and Democracy