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Jeff Chang Interview: Don’t Mourn, Organize. Don’t Despair, Create.

By Andrés Carrasquillo, UCLA Master’s Student, Urban and Regional Planning Conducted on 2017-01-18 at Ackerman Ballroom IID: Your pinned tweet is “DON’T MOURN, ORGANIZE. DON’T DESPAIR, CREATE.” What do you mean by ‘create’? JC: Well, “Don’t mourn, organize” comes from the labor movement and the idea that we don’t have time to mourn. We have to […]

3 Truths About Trumpism

Truth is out of fashion. Truth is past its expiration date. The Oxford Dictionaries declared post-truth to be the 2016 Word of the Year. Here’s their official definition: an adjective defined as ‘relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief’. […]


By: Ananya Roy, Director, Institute on Inequality and Democracy at UCLA Luskin Earlier this year, we launched the Institute on Inequality and Democracy at UCLA Luskin with a mandate to tackle the color-lines of the 21st century. Focused on the research themes of evictions, financialization, and mass incarceration, and in alliance with social justice movements, […]

After Trump

By: Robin D.G. Kelley Donald J. Trump’s election was a national trauma, an epic catastrophe that has left millions in the United States and around the world in a state of utter shock, uncertainty, deep depression, and genuine fear. The fear is palpable and justified, especially for those Trump and his acolytes targeted—the undocumented, Muslims, […]

In Defense of Poverty

Inequality bothers me. I am troubled by the persistence & prevalence of wealth and income inequality in the United States. I join earnest social scientists and conscientious global citizens in condemning inequality. But that is not all that bothers me about inequality. The widespread use of the term inequality also bothers me.