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Video of “From the Frontlines of Justice”

We are delighted to share the complete video of “From the Frontlines of Justice” that was part of the #J18 Call to Action on January 18, 2017 at UCLA’s Ackerman Grand Ballroom. About #J18 and Beyond January 18, 2017, was a day to Teach, Organize, Resist. Poised between Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and the presidential inauguration, #J18 was an […]

Jeff Chang Interview: Don’t Mourn, Organize. Don’t Despair, Create.

By Andrés Carrasquillo, UCLA Master’s Student, Urban and Regional Planning Conducted on 2017-01-18 at Ackerman Ballroom IID: Your pinned tweet is “DON’T MOURN, ORGANIZE. DON’T DESPAIR, CREATE.” What do you mean by ‘create’? JC: Well, “Don’t mourn, organize” comes from the labor movement and the idea that we don’t have time to mourn. We have to […]

3 Truths About Trumpism

Truth is out of fashion. Truth is past its expiration date. The Oxford Dictionaries declared post-truth to be the 2016 Word of the Year. Here’s their official definition: an adjective defined as ‘relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief’. […]


By: Ananya Roy, Director, Institute on Inequality and Democracy at UCLA Luskin Earlier this year, we launched the Institute on Inequality and Democracy at UCLA Luskin with a mandate to tackle the color-lines of the 21st century. Focused on the research themes of evictions, financialization, and mass incarceration, and in alliance with social justice movements, […]

After Trump

By: Robin D.G. Kelley Donald J. Trump’s election was a national trauma, an epic catastrophe that has left millions in the United States and around the world in a state of utter shock, uncertainty, deep depression, and genuine fear. The fear is palpable and justified, especially for those Trump and his acolytes targeted—the undocumented, Muslims, […]