Mapping the Stalker State

Rumsha Sajid (Urban Planning) in partnership with Stop LAPD Spying Coalition

The heightened demand for defunding police and conversations on divest/invest urge us to critically examine the ways city budgets disproportionately fund local police departments across the nation while massively underfunding systems such as healthcare, education, and social services. Yet, social services and the public sector are deeply interwoven with policing due to information sharing and data extraction. This report urges an analytical approach to understanding the role of the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and its role in policing Black and brown communities under the guise of child protection. It is imperative to recognize the ways public sector institutions like DCFS use social services as means of data extraction in order to criminalize our communities. DCFS utilizes coercive data collection from families, data sharing across institutions, and predictive analytics with the same intent as police departments: to criminalize, incarcerate, and exile the most marginalized members of our community as a form of racial domination. The hope is this document can be an offering to think strategically towards our journey on abolishing policing. You can read the full report here.