The Displacement Alert Project Map

The Displacement Alert Project Map or “DAP Map” is a creation of the Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development (ANHD) with support from the Ford Foundation and the Mertz Gilmore Foundation.

The DAP Map is a building-by-building, web-based interactive map designed to show where residential tenants may be facing significant displacement pressures and where affordable apartments are most threatened across New York City. It is a publicly accessible, interactive data visualization of residential buildings and neighborhood conditions throughout New York City. The DAP Map is meant to be a strategic tool for tenant organizing and neighborhood and city-wide housing advocacy.

ANHD created the DAP Map to provide community groups, local residents, elected officials, policymakers, and the public direct and real time access to vital information on New York’s rapidly changing residential environment.

New York City’s housing market is born out of a legacy of segregation and inequity. Current issues of displacement, speculation, and harassment are connected to a history of predatory and exclusionary practices that have disproportionately impacted New York’s low-income communities and communities of color.

The DAP Map demystifies the information used to target neighborhoods for gentrification, often at the expense of a community’s long-term residents. The goal of this project is to build-up the knowledge, access, and capacity of local community institutions and residents in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color with accessible and useful data.

The core concept is to bring together the numerous residential data, analyses, and statistics together in one comprehensive City housing clearinghouse that can be used by communities to fight for the demands and needs of their neighborhoods.

Access to this data equips communities with information necessary to fight back against the displacement of residents who are being priced out and pushed out of their neighborhoods, to stop the harassment of tenants by bad landlords, and to prevent the expiration and loss and affordable housing units.

By facilitating the direct use of data by local residents and community groups in service of these goals, the DAP Map advances shared community development movement goals of putting in place local policies, programs, resources that support community building and the future of low-income communities and communities of color. The DAP Map can help  communities in the fight to preserve and protect the racial diversity, cultural diversity, and equity of New York neighborhoods and City.