Data for Democracy: Housing Inequality in Los Angeles

This research brief was created by the UCLA Data for Democracy Team in partnership with the UCLA Luskin Institute on Inequality and Democracy and the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project. This brief, prepared for teachers and students in the LA Unified School District, examines: 1) Who owns and who rents homes in Los Angeles and how this has changed over time; 2) The high burden of rent on Los Angeles families; 3) The number of homeless residents in Los Angeles, how this has changed over time, and how this differs by race and ethnicity. Particular attention is focused on homelessness—or what we call “houselessness”—as it is the most visible and urgent aspect of housing inequality in Los Angeles. Efforts to address houselessness are described, and highlight limitations or problems associated with some of the most prominent responses. A broader set of ideas about how to promote greater housing security is presented and examples are shared from the housing justice movement. We invite students to envision a different housing future in Los Angeles.

Download >> Data for Democracy: Housing Inequality in Los Angeles  (Published April 27, 2020)

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