The New Debt Peonage: Court-Ordered Community Service in LA County

Noah D. Zatz, UCLA Law

Between Prison and Precarity: LA Warehouse Workers and the Probation/Staffing Agency Nexus

Noah D. Zatz, UCLA Law

Formations of Race, the Body, and Technologies of Criminalization in Immigration Enforcement

Lee Ann S. Wang, Asian American Studies & Social Welfare, UCLA

Carceral Liberation? A Native American Prison Art Show

Tria Blu Wakpa, World Arts and Cultures/Dance, UCLA

YOU ARE HERE – a homebound travelogue

Marike Splint, Theater, Film and Television, UCLA

The Untold Story of Los Angeles: Women of Color in Academia Life Histories Project

Daniel G. Solórzano, Education, UCLA

Shared Horizons: Practices and Poetics of Transatlantic Abolition

SA Smythe, University of Toronto (formerly at UCLA) and Vanessa E. Thompson, Queen’s University

Divestment, Reparations, and the Abolition University

SA Smythe, Gender Studies & African American Studies, UCLA

‘DesAgarrando Pueblo’ – A Research Justice Collective Against Knowledge Extractivism

Amy E. Ritterbusch, Social Welfare, UCLA

Systemic Racial Inequality and the COVID-19 Renter Crisis

Paul Ong, Urban Planning & Asian American Studies, UCLA