The New Debt Peonage: Court-Ordered Community Service in LA County

Noah D. Zatz, UCLA Law

Between Prison and Precarity: LA Warehouse Workers and the Probation/Staffing Agency Nexus

Noah D. Zatz, UCLA Law

Formations of Race, the Body, and Technologies of Criminalization in Immigration Enforcement

Lee Ann S. Wang, Asian American Studies & Social Welfare, UCLA

Divestment, Reparations, and the Abolition University

SA Smythe, Gender Studies & African American Studies, UCLA

‘DesAgarrando Pueblo’ – A Research Justice Collective Against Knowledge Extractivism

Amy E. Ritterbusch, Social Welfare, UCLA

Knowledge is Power: Empowering Youth in the Juvenile Justice System Through Popular Education

Jyoti Nanda and Alicia Virani, UCLA Law

Community Experiences on Million-Dollar Blocks in Los Angeles

Kelly Lytle Hernández, African American Studies & History, UCLA

UC Extreme Sentencing Project

Grace K. Hong, Gender Studies & Asian American Studies, UCLA

‘Pintela, Que Yo Se La Coloreo’

Ian W. Holloway, Social Welfare, UCLA, Daniela Maldonado Salamanca, Red Comunitaria Trans, and Amy E. Ritterbusch, Social Welfare, UCLA

Native American Embodiment in Carceral Contexts

Tria Blu Wakpa, World Arts and Cultures/Dance, UCLA